In 2023, the Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Services

Free Cloud Storage Services : Searching for the finest free cloud storage option for your personal and business data? Here is a ranking of the top free cloud storage options.

Very small and large corporate organizations now view cloud storage as a valuable asset. Businesses desire to move their data to the finest free cloud storage option since they try not to rely on expensive hardware. However, since few organizations are aware of cloud storage, they continue to use conventional storage systems.

Free Cloud Storage Services

1. Blomp


Blomp provides 200GB of free cloud storage for your photos, movies, and other stuff.

Why do we advise against it?

If you want to organize and back up your films and photographs in an easy and safe manner, Blomp is the best option to cloud storage for you.

Any web browser may access Blomp on Mac, Windows, and Ubuntu Linux platforms.

Blomp is also accessible via the mobile app on an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

Blomp’s ability to let you control files in your cloud storage straight from an iPhone or an Android smartphone is its finest feature.

2. Degoo


Another excellent alternative that provides capacity up to 100GB is Degoo. It offers trustworthy cloud backup. From the Degoo mobile app for Android and iOS devices, you may view your data.

Why do we advise against it?

By recommending your friends, you may increase your storage.

Free storage comes with support for mobile apps.

Degoo’s paid plans are affordable. The first is the $3 monthly fee for 500GB of storage.

3. Mega


Free cloud storage of 50GB is provided by Mega Mega. The storage has top-notch security measures. With more storage space, Mega cloud storage is comparable to Dropbox.

Why do we advise against it?

You will receive 50 GB at no cost.

Through the mobile app, you may upload files and download numerous files in the zip format.

4. Media Fire

 Media Fire
Media Fire

The 10 GB of free storage offered by Media Fire may be expanded to 50 GB. It has a wealth of sophisticated file management functions.

Why do we advise against it?

Any browser can upload several files at once.

The file manager makes it simpler to organize files. looking for qualities that make a wonderful personal document.

You receive functional search features. Document sharing is possible via a customized, free, one-time link.

If necessary, your receivers can spread it farther.

5. Google Disk

Google Disk
Google Disk

One of the reliable, cost-free cloud storage choices is Yandex Disk. The Yandex offers 10 GB of free cloud storage as soon as you join up. By taking part in their promotional activities, you may win up to 32GB more storage.

Why do we advise against it?

Utilize your phone’s auto-upload feature to make it easier to store all of your images in their original resolution on Yandex Disk.

All files may be uploaded to Yandex Disk so you can view and modify them exactly as you would on a hard drive.

You don’t need to install Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to use them in your browser. You may share brief links with the file sharing option, which is distinctive.

6. Drive by Google

Drive by Google
Drive by Google

A lot of people like Google because of how well it works with Android.

Why do we advise against it?

Even when they have poor network connectivity, Google Drive customers may still view all of the files and photographs that have been stored online thanks to its offline features.

Documents may now be easily scanned simply snapping a picture of them, and the drive will take care of the rest, such as saving them in PDF format. All other Google services are connected with Google’s free cloud storage.

7. Icedrive


The top free cloud services for easy cloud storage access, administration, and upgrading include Icedrive as a modern substitute. Users may access a specific area for collaborating, sharing, and exhibiting your content. The support for Twofish Encryption is Icedrive’s standout feature as a cloud storage service.

8. Koofr


Koofr offers trustworthy 10 GB of free cloud storage, allowing users to link their Dropbox, OneDrive, Amazon, and Google Drive accounts. This makes it one of the many all-around top free cloud storage options currently available. Koofr is distinctive in how it makes use of hard disk space that isn’t being used.

It offers outstanding versatility because it is simply compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and other platforms. Other prominent Koofr features include automated backup from mobile devices and no limitations on file type or size. Additionally, customers may use Koofr to automatically backup the photographs and videos on their mobile devices.

9. Mimedia


One of the potential newcomers among the top free cloud storage providers on the market right now is Mimedia. When you register for a Mimeda account, you receive 10 GB of free cloud storage. You might think of it as a cloud-based backup solution that aids in the organization and management of your own file collection.

On all devices, users may access and arrange files for photographs, music, movies, and documents. Support for importing from Facebook, Google, Dropbox, and Flickr is Mimedia’s standout feature. The Mimedia desktop application is simple to use on PCs and Macs and supports uploading any kind of information to the cloud.


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Another excellent free cloud storage option is this one. On, you may store data for free up to 5GB. When customers chose a method other than the sync folder, backing up data with became much simpler. This is because studying the web panel on, which has amazing capabilities, is productive. The ability to recover deleted data is’s finest feature since it prevents customers from regretting inexplicably losing crucial papers.

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