Namecheap Hosting: Why This Registrar Web Hosting Is Good 

Namecheap was launched by Richard Kirkendall in 2000 as the inaugural business to offer this service. He was the pioneer to pioneer it!

Three million individuals are said to have been customers of the company in the last 18 years.

This article covers everything you need to know about Namecheap Hosting.

Watch this short video about Namecheap Hosting:

Namecheap’s main goal is to maintain an Internet that is open, free, and safe for everyone – and we strive to achieve that through privacy and safety measures. We always support individuals’ and businesses’ rights online. At Namecheap, our focus lies on your online privacy and safety as much as keeping costs affordable for everyone involved in online transactions. We value people’s and businesses’ rights online and advocate for them all the time – the main thing our goal is achieving this aim is keeping your domain names available at an affordable cost while protecting all individuals or companies using them online – our goal being keeping all domain names available without restrictions online and keeping costs to ensure the Internet remains free and open to ensure its continued existence as an open network platform – no matter who owns domain names by keeping costs at least and keeping all parties involved – just so long as possible and keeping the Internet open, free and safe all people involved, and ultimately keeping domain names available can only help ensure this outcome if needed by protecting us keeping domain names within domain namecheap! At Namecheap we care deeply for both people and businesses who stand up for rights online when necessary and protecting people/compas defending rights when necessary while standing up for any/comm/ businesses/com domain names remain cost/safe as possible for everyone in their respective forms of domain names being offered cheap as possible by maintaining open, safe internet resources under control by us keeping its doors safe! Keeping it open/free/safe! Our primary goal in making all parties involved online avlas/protecting each others! In that’s just keeps everyone’s we care for online privacy/com//care about keeping all other organisations.comm/ and businesses who stand up/protecting rights online defending these companies online as part when needed or registration etc…

Your Business Online.
Achieing success online requires finding high-quality products and services at reasonable prices in your field, which we strive to do by offering services designed to make the Internet experience better for all our users.

Customer Support Assistance Obtain assistance from customer service

People from our Support Team will always be friendly and ready to assist in any way that’s needed, day or night. Someone is always on call for you, no matter when it may be.

Namecheap Web Hosting provides several features and benefits that may benefit you, such as:

Never pay to transfer from one web host to the next.

How can I tell if my hosting needs to change and I want to switch my provider? No fees are associated with moving to Namecheap; in fact, migration was fast, free, and completely smooth without any surprises along the way!

Consider Your Pocketbook When Spending.

If you are searching for top-of-the-line service at an economical price, look no further. With us, all the bells and whistles of hosting come without breaking the bank – making us your ideal solution.

Expect and obtain assistance 24/7.

Need some assistance? Our team of web hosting experts is always available via Live Chat to lend a helping hand, no matter the timeframe or how new to hosting you may be. There’s always someone on standby ready to offer their expertise – no matter the problem or complexity involved.

Relax. Our team is on your side – trust that any changes made will benefit you (think top-of-the-line security measures, reliable backups and uptime guarantees).

Namecheap Hosting has many positive attributes. Here are just a few:

Namecheap offers free domains, speed, uptime, migrations and additional plan features such as backups when signing up for plans with them.

1. You get a free domain and can move it to another place. 

Namecheap excels at creating domain names, so it makes perfect sense that when signing up for their hosting plan they provide one free for the first year (after which there may be an annual renewal fee to keep it). Customers purchasing “com” domains pay $7.98 annually as part of their first year service fee.

Namecheap offers free site migration assistance from another service if it is already set up elsewhere. They promise a full cPanel migration within 24 hours with no more than 15 minutes of downtime; should this prove ineffective, they’ll give back the value of your first shared hosting purchase as compensation.

2. Good Uptime – 99.95% 

Uptime is of paramount importance in choosing a hosting service provider, and we always monitor it carefully.

Namecheap had an impressive 99.95% uptime rate during 2015. They experienced three poor years where there wasn’t as much uptime.

Average Uptime in the last 12 months: 100% for December 2021.

  • November 2021: 99.96%* October 2021: 99.94% * September 2021: 99.91% * August 2021: 99.95%* July 2021: 99.94%* June 2021: 100%
  • In 2021, May was measured with 99.98% success; April, 99.96%; March 99.99% and in February and January were both scored 99.89% and 99.98%, respectively.

3. It took 403 ms to load. 

Speed is second only to uptime when considering a company, as its impactful effects can directly affect customer happiness. Therefore, its significance cannot be understated.

Google recently determined that pages taking more than six seconds to load have an increased risk of being abandoned by visitors by over 100%.

Therefore, yes – keeping your website alive is necessary.

No matter how great a site may be, visitors will abandon it in droves if it goes offline for any reason.

Namecheap’s team is extremely pleased with its progress over the last year in attaining 403 milliseconds of downtime reduction.

4.there is a 30-day money-back promise. 

Namecheap offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, but its validity may be questionable. In that timeframe, you can assess their service to see if it suits you, though you’re free to opt-out at any point and try something else – there’s never too late.

5. The Value Plan that comes with everything. 

So far we’ve reviewed many hosts.

At first, we typically sign up for the most basic plan so that we can set up test sites for each product.

Reason for this action are twofold.

  1. Our goal is to write reviews based on real data and performance stats.

At a minimum, many plans offered by each web host are quite comparable.

There are multiple ways of approaching this question. Comparing apples-to-apples is the ideal method; all shared offers share similar features and look similar.

Namecheap’s success came as an unexpected shock.

First and foremost, they offer unmetered bandwidth on their cheapest plan and allow the use of tools like cPanel and apps like WordPress.

Their most cost-effective plan includes a complimentary SSL certificate for the first year – making this offer particularly appealing.

As an added benefit, you will also get twice-weekly backups just in case something goes awry when updating your new website.

At its best price, you get 50 databases in MySQL (far more than what most companies provide on comparable tiers).

Additionally, this plan offers three websites you can set up. Most basic hosting plans only permit hosting one at a time; therefore, this could be an ideal deal if you need both professional and personal websites for both businesses.

However, they offer more. You’re given up to 30 email addresses immediately!

6. Third-party reviews are great. 

Before writing reviews, we like to check in with current customers to make sure it doesn’t reflect only on our own experience alone.

There were some customer reviews on the Internet that gave us great satisfaction.

ShopperReviewed gives them a stellar 4.7-star rating based on over one million reviews of their products.

Namecheap Hosting may offer low prices, but that does not come without some drawbacks.

When we consider new web host options, three things stand out:

  1. Will my host keep my site online most of the time?
  2. Speed: Does this host have an ability to create an experience that makes visitors want to come back?
  3. Can this host assist me when things become overwhelming?

Namecheap failed in one of three areas and did not do as well as they should.

See for yourself. 8.51% Inconsistent Customer Service

Namecheap offers an impressive knowledge base platform, complete with detailed answers that should assist in solving many of the issues you encounter.

At our office, we enjoy exploring live chats to gain an idea of their effectiveness.

Everything got underway quickly with a phone call from one of their friendly support reps who quickly answered our question about obtaining a complimentary domain name.

But when we inquired about site migrations, rather than receiving an immediate answer we were told to submit a ticket directly with their concierge department.

Namecheap customer service frequently directs us to the concierge team when we want help, instead of engaging in an immediate live chat session or ticket writing session.

  1. Storage Space Is Limited

Namecheap operates data centers both in the US and UK.

There are two data centers located within the UK; one can be found in Nottingham while another in Phoenix.

That isn’t much when some hosts boast more than 20 data centers worldwide.

Also consider that selecting the UK data center would require an additional monthly charge of PS1.00.

Namecheap’s prices, hosting plans, and some quick facts.

Here is a snapshot of all of Namecheap’s hosting plans:

Namecheap will charge two year plans as follows; monthly prices would cost $3.88 while an annual plan would run $188 annually.

  • Is the first year free? * Are any other charges applied after purchasing?

There was an easy and straightforward way to sign up.

*Money-Back: You have 30 days from when you receive the item to return it for a full refund.

  • Credit cards, PayPal, Dwolla and Bitcoin are among the various ways of payment that may be available.
  • Hidden costs and rules: Two important considerations must be kept in mind:

If this is your first hosting purchase, this offer can be taken advantage of for free. Simply look at your package specs to determine how much it would cost over 12 months when paid annually; after which the hosting service will renew at its usual rate; upgrades and downgrades will incur full renewal price charges.

At our Ultimate package level, you receive “unmetered disk space.” Please use it exclusively for hosting websites and not any other forms of storage needs. In accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy’s paragraph 10.2, use of this space is strictly governed.

If there are upsells available, there will likely be several throughout the journey.

A quick account setup is what this implies.

*cPanel provides an experience combining control panel and dashboard functions.

*One-Click Installation: With this tool, it is now easier than ever to quickly and effortlessly install popular apps and CMSs (such as WordPress and Joomla ) onto a system.

Are we confident Namecheap is good?

Are these claims true?
Their beginning was promising: existing customers seem pleased, and their cheapest plan appears more competitive with most other top-tier plans from competing providers than its competitor’s top plan does make an impressionful statement about how much customers value this business.

Namecheap stands out among hosts thanks to their impressive uptime and speed results, which makes them an excellent host.

Imagine what would happen if customer service were improved and there were more data centers to choose from – that would be ideal. This is what we want to see happen!

Overall, Namecheap is an adequate web host but there are better choices available.