37 Most Popular and Beautiful Football Players Wives

40 Most Popular and Beautiful Football Players Wives : Every man and woman desires a hot and gorgeous partner to share life’s journey with. Every person, including celebrities, appreciates beauty and charisma. A good life partner makes life’s journey enjoyable and thrilling. A sportsman needs moral support, which is frequently supplied by someone near to you. Here are the top ten soccer wives and girlfriends. We will explore their beauty and charm as we watch them cheer on their champions in the stadium.

1. Michèle de Bruyne

Manchester City midfielder Kevin de Bruyne’s girlfriend, Michèle Lacroix, has been with him since 2014. The couple announced their relationship one year later, and one year after that, in June 2017, they married in Sorrento, Italy. Their first child, Mason Milian, was born on March 10, 2016. One year after their son’s birth, the couple got married in Sorrento, Italy. She accompanies him to all of his games, and her support is evident.

Michèle de Bruyne
Michèle de Bruyne
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