10 Largest Web Hosting Companies in 2022

Web Hosting Companies: Finding a web host you can entrust with your website can be challenging, whether you’re building an e-commerce storefront, storing portfolio information or running a personal blog. Attractive hardware combinations and low prices might tempt you, but will the network support fast-growing user bases and emergent security threats?

Well-established hosting companies have stood the test of time and remain among the leading service providers today. After years in business, these hosts have established themselves as highly acclaimed global players – taking into consideration only the top ten largest hosting providers!

Web Hosting Companies

1. GoDaddy — 15.6% of Websites

GoDaddy has long dominated its industry. Boasting over 84 Million Domain Names Under Management and 7,000 Workers Worldwide, GoDaddy stands as an indispensable web host and domain registrar. Offering customized options for website builders, eCommerce retailers, WordPress users, virtual or dedicated server owners who need more powerful servers or SSL Certificates; GoDaddy boasts industry-leading load times with unrivaled support and security and boasts 99.9% uptime guarantee with either cPanel or Plesk services for webmasters — 15.6% of Websites worldwide use GoDaddy as their domain registrar of choice compared with 7.3% used by its rivals

GoDaddy — 15.6% of Websites
GoDaddy — 15.6% of Websites

2. Amazon Web Services — 11.1% of Websites

It should come as no surprise that one of the industry’s hottest technologies leads the pack in hosting services, too. Amazon Web Services boasts more than 90 services including cloud computing, storage, networking, database, analytics application services deployment management mobile developer tools and Internet of Things systems – as well as being one of the premier cloud service providers worldwide.

3. Google Cloud Platform — 7.9% of Websites

Just like Amazon, Google makes public their internal infrastructure that powers many of the most heavily visited websites on the internet. Google Cloud includes public cloud infrastructure, G Suite business versions of Android and Chrome OS OS and APIs for machine learning services and mapping applications. Developers and website owners may use Google Cloud Platform to access over 90 on-demand services ranging from computing, analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning/storage solutions and maps – providing developers and website owners access to over 90 services on demand!

4. 1&1 IONOS — 6.5% of Websites

1&1 IONOS is the fourth-largest hosting provider globally and is based outside the US. Their popularity stems from their comprehensive services, affordable pricing and outstanding customer support – qualities which appeal to their global client base. Employing over 2,000 staff across Europe and North America.

1&1 IONOS — 6.5% of Websites
1&1 IONOS — 6.5% of Websites

5. HostGator — 5.3% of Websites

HostGator stands by their very impressive 99.9% uptime guarantee with 45 days for clients to assess services and request refunds, should necessary. HostGator provides 24/7 assistance via phone calls or live chat should any problems arise when operating websites or businesses online.

 HostGator — 5.3% of Websites
HostGator — 5.3% of Websites

6. Bluehost — 3.2% of Websites

Bluehost is the second choice among new website owners after GoDaddy for hosting services, managing over 2 million domains through Endurance International Group’s various brands.

Bluehost provides a comprehensive array of shared, cloud, VPS, and dedicated hosting services as well as platforms tailored specifically to WordPress and eCommerce platforms. Established the same year as WordPress itself in 2003, Bluehost remains one of only three hosts that the popular content management system recommends as recommended hosts.

7. Hetzner Online — 2.7% of Websites

Hetzner Online stands out as the sole host on our list that does not operate exclusively within the US market, as a popular hosting provider in Europe. Based in Finland and near its headquarters in Germany, it operates cutting-edge, eco-friendly datacenter parks. Specializing in low-cost yet powerful dedicated servers with monthly costs between EUR34 to EUR159; auctioning off gently used yet fully operational servers at discounted rates; as well as providing cloud and shared hosting to various European clients.

8. DigitalOcean — 2.2% of Websites

DigitalOcean specializes in cloud hosting. Established in 2011, this firm now hosts over 575,000 web apps on its servers and boasts 500,000 clients from 177 countries. DigitalOcean also introduced its “simple cloud hosting” platform to give developers more freedom when choosing between hosting options; furthermore, their low costs and user-friendly services make DigitalOcean an appealing option.

9. Liquid Web — 2.1% of Websites

Liquid Web, our first premium hosting firm on this list, manages to reach over 30,000 consumers in 130 countries globally without engaging in the overcrowded and high-demand shared hosting industry. Their portfolio features dedicated servers, VPSs, cloud dedicated, private cloud and the Cloud Sites platform from Rackspace; additionally they specialize in exceptional managed services across their extensive array of dedicated, cloud and VPS arrangements.

Liquid Web operates five global datacenters where more than 500 employees provide site hosting for over 500,000 websites. We guarantee 100% network and power uptime with replacement hardware installation within 30 minutes and quick help desk responses to help our clients.

10. WP Engine — 1.8% of Websites

WP Engine stands out by offering tailored managed WordPress hosting plans tailored specifically to consumers’ needs, such as automatic updates, 24/7 support, and security features. While WP Engine doesn’t host as many sites as some of our other hosts on this list, it still boasts servers in 35 locations worldwide and over 70,000 clients from 150 countries as well as employing over 600 employees spread throughout North America and EMEA offices.

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