Interserver Review: Why Interserver Is A Good Fit For Hosting 

In this InterServer review, I’ll take a very close look at this web hosting company. I’m going to look at its plans and prices, how easy it is to use, performance, security, and customer service. Every stone will be checked. 

InterServer is not your usual web host. It’s not a big name in the field, and no one talks about it very much. It’s more of an underdog than a favorite, but no one cares if InterServer wins at something because no one is mad at them.

Watch the below video on Interserver Review;

Even though people don’t really know about InterServer, the company behind it is 21 years old. So, how did it last for so long without any big marketing campaigns, and how did it do it? 

must have a plan, right? 

All of the reviews I read were positive. A lot of people say that InterServer is a good company to work with. Or, this is one of the best-kept secrets of all time, or at least one of the best kept. It says on its website that 70% of its customers are people who move. There must be a reason for that. 

My goal for today is to find out what InterServer hides behind its servers. 

InterServer has both good and bad things about it: The old cPanel interface 

•Customer service can be hit or miss 

•The account interface is out of date. 

InterServer’s prices 

InterServer’s prices for shared hosting start at $5 a month without a coupon. However, this company has its own data centers where it hosts all kinds of things. If you want to host your website with ASP.NET or use cheap VPS, dedicated servers, collocations, or data storage, you can. They all cost a little less than what’s normal for their kind of business. 

If you look at InterServer’s products, it looks like most of them are for people who already know a lot about them. The most common type of hosting is shared hosting, which is good for both small businesses and new websites. 

For a long time, InterServer only had one shared hosting plan that was unlimited in every way – domains, emails, storage, and bandwidth – and it was the only one. 

Keep in mind that “unlimited” is very limited by the server’s capacity, so keep that in mind when you use it. 

However, InterServer now has three shared hosting plans in order to serve even more people, so they now have three plans. It’s the same for all of them: They have unlimited domains, storage space, bandwidth, and emails. However, with the more expensive plans, you get more and more server resources like CPU and RAM because there are fewer accounts on those servers, which means you get more resources for your money. 

If you want to make your website look better, you should use the Standard setting. This is best for small websites, like informational sites, portfolios, or even very small online stores. A small online store should be easy to set up on this one, so don’t worry about it. 

For people who need both ease of use and power, Boost 4 is a good choice. It can run bigger online stores. 

All of this looks like a bunch of random numbers in the screenshot, but the extras that come with every plan for free are just amazing: 

* SSL certificates. 

* Global caching, too. 

* A professional move of your website. 

* InterShield security package. 

* Automatic backups every week. 

This is a free service that helps you get your website back up if it gets hacked. 

This all comes for just $2.50 a month! There are no strings to tie you down. Me, too. 

There are a lot of different ways to get the best price from InterServer. 

People need to know how much things cost. 

To say that InterServer doesn’t raise prices on different billing terms or on renewals would be great, but that’s not true. But that’s not true (although it was not so long ago). So let’s figure out how to get a great deal from this company. 

Before anything else, check out the seasonal deals. As little as $2.50 a month, or even just $1 if you can get the web host on sale. But that’s not always true. Plus, this discount is only for the first time you buy something. 

Other payment options are available, and InterServer makes it very appealing for people to sign up for shorter subscriptions as well. This is how it looks like: 

Even if you choose a different payment method, it will keep renewing at the same $7-a-month rate. So it doesn’t matter if you can pay upfront or pay every month, because it’s still good. 

However, higher renewals aren’t very nice. Unfortunately, they can’t be stopped. For a whole year, how does it compare to other providers that offer the same features? 

InterServer costs more than two times as much as all of these other hosts at first. More than that, it’s also cheaper to keep. 

By the way, almost no other company offers cheap hosting for a month at a time. They all raise the prices even more for monthly options. With InterServer, that isn’t the case, which makes it great for people who don’t have much money. 

When InterServer raised the price of renewing my contract, I can’t be angry with them. This is almost too good to be true for such a low price. Because they want to get more money out of that, I can’t blame them. 

Suppose that you tried it and didn’t like it. Then, what? 

You can get a full refund for shared hosting if you don’t like it after 30 days. 

All in all, InterServer’s prices are good. Almost good enough. Users of all kinds can choose from monthly billing if their budget is tight, or they can pre-pay to get a better deal for longer. 

On InterServer, how do I set up WordPress? 

InterServer makes it easy to set up WordPress. It only takes a few minutes. It has three steps: Find Softaculous in the cPanel, choose the WordPress app, and fill out the installation form. 

Let me show you quickly how everything looks and where to find it. 

To find the Softaculous Apps Installer in cPanel, you’ll have to scroll down a little bit to the bottom. Under the Software tab, it will be there As an alternative, you can use Softaculous’s WordPress Manager to set up your site. This way, you’ll save a few clicks. 

Even if you choose Softaculous or WordPress Manager, WordPress is the first option that you can choose from. This is where you can find all the apps if WP isn’t your first choice. 

A lot of information is asked in the installation window, but it’s actually very easy to do. To start, you’ll only need to enter or choose your domain and username, and then set up your account and password. The rest can be left “as is.” 

Once you’ve filled in all the information, just click one of the blue Install buttons. A window has two panes. One is at the top, and one is on top of the window. Isn’t that simple? 

With InterServer, how do you make a professional email? 

One of the most important things for a good brand is to have a professional email, and setting one up with InterServer is very easy. The only thing you’ll need to make sure of is that you have a good domain name. 

So if you want your [email protected] instead of [email protected], look for the Email tab in the cPanel. 

As you can see, there are a lot of tools here to help you manage your emails. You can change autoresponders, make mailing lists, and even track how well they work. You’ll need the first one, the Email Accounts module, to set up and use your email account. 

It’s easy to set up mailboxes and get to them through this interface. 

A blue +CREATE button would show you how easy it is to set up a business email account. 

It’s easy: You just need to choose your domain from the drop-down list, choose a username for your mailbox, and choose a password. 

You can also set a limit on how much storage space you have, or you can keep it unlimited. When you’re done, just click the Create button. Your mailbox will be ready. 

People who use InterServer should know that they only use simple email clients like RoundCube. They are good for sending emails every day, but they won’t meet the needs of a real email marketing campaign. 

All in all, InterServer is very easy to use. Most of the time, things like installing software or managing your email can be done in a matter of seconds. Interfaces could be better, but I don’t have any real problems with how easy it is to use and how well it works. 

Does InterServer run quickly? 

Everything else in this InterServer review so far has been about the same in terms of how well it works. InterServer has a 99.999% uptime rate, an average server speed, and good website loading results when under stress. 

To find out how well InterServer works, I ran it through a series of tests that looked at reliability, speed, and stressing the provider. 

It is important that InterServer is up all the time and responds quickly. 

The results of long-term performance monitoring are both good and bad. The uptime stayed at 99.999%, which is great. Every year, there should be less than an hour of downtime. That’s about the best you can expect from any server. 

The conclusion of the InterServer review: 

Everything in this InterServer review came together to make it a good one. The choice may not be popular, and at this point, I don’t know why it is. There are no doubts about it being able to do what it needs to do. 

So, this is what it means to have your websites hosted by InterServer. 

So, who do I think should use InterServer? 

InterServer is a good all-rounder and can handle all small websites that are on the Standard plan. That includes small online stores, business sites, blogs, portfolios, and so on. You can host it all. When your site gets popular, there are also options to pay more for.