How To Get WordPress Free Hosting 

This article explains How To Get WordPress Free Hosting.

Setup a free WordPress site? 

Dreamhost has been around since 1997 and enjoys one of the strongest longstanding reputations within their field; being one of only three major hosting providers endorsed by WordPress as well.

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Here’s How To Get WordPress Free Hosting. 

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AccuWeb Hosting stands out among world’s cheap hosting providers with their exceptional customer service and extensive list of plans that meet any website need. They can accommodate personal blog hosting as well as high-end plans with dynamic solutions to grow along with your website’s needs.

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InfinityFree delivers superior free hosting services to the public. Join Now! It requests for: 

Accept their terms of service and enter your email. 

You will be notified by email. Preparing a free WordPress website with InfinityFree requires a valid account. 

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HostGator $2.75/mo
HostGator boasts more than 8 Million clients with an uptime guarantee of 99.9% and provides excellent customer service via 24/7 phone and live chat support, in addition to offering an expansive resource library filled with written and video instructions to get your blog underway quickly.

Setting up WordPress 

Although one of the smaller hosting businesses on this list, GreenGeeks stands out with their commitment to eco-friendly and cost-effective hosting solutions that set them apart from competitors.

Setup Software Approve 

Namecheap offers affordable web hosting at $1.44/mo with 20GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and an SSL certificate included for free for one year – the cheapest package includes this deal.

Options Ahead 

Experienced users should make updates to these settings; otherwise, defaults settings should suffice. A Theme This part is optional but may be altered later on if necessary. Afterward, click Install to complete setup and wait for an installation success message before accessing your WordPress admin panel at

How To Get WordPress Free Hosting: Conclusion 

Finding an affordable hosting plan to launch your website can be challenging when first starting out if left to its own devices. But choosing one needn’t be so intimidating!

Avoid making an incorrect choice of web hosting plan today; your current plan needn’t be your last option!

SiteGround Hosting ($6.99/mo) One of the most reliable hosting companies available today, SiteGround offers fast loading speeds and exceptional uptime that keeps your website performing at its best. Their entry-level plan offers 10GB storage, enough bandwidth for 10,000 visits monthly visits and comes complete with the renowned free WordPress installation feature.

GoDaddy Hosting Service for $1.00/mo When discussing hosting companies with friends or colleagues, GoDaddy often comes up first as the go-to option. Not only are they experts in domain registration but also provide affordable web hosting plans so people can create full websites.