How To Get WordPress Free Hosting 

This article explains How To Get WordPress Free Hosting.

Setup a free WordPress site? 

To start a website, you need a domain name and hosting. It’s free to pay for. 

A domain name is your website’s address. It’s your website’s URL. It uses 

However, web hosting houses your website. Votre online home. 

So let’s get started with a free domain and web hosting. 

In many cases, free domains and hosting are inferior. For showing and testing simple websites. This option is not for experienced bloggers or website owners. 

Compose a WordPress site 

Here’s How To Get WordPress Free Hosting. 

Registration at 

First and only free domain registrar in the world. 

Register at 

Then type a name in the text box and click Check Availability. 

I’ll test using wpmsdemo. 

Your input will determine the available domain name extensions. Choose a domain name with the desired extension by clicking the Get it now! button. I for this example. 

So I went with Adding this domain to your shopping. To continue, click the Checkout button. 

Pick a time frame on the next page. The default is 3 months. I go for the 12 months free. Finally, click Finish. 

You may be asked for your email address in order to proceed. 

Verify your account by clicking the link in your email. Registre et I’ve read and agreed to the T&C. 

And then Order Complete. 

Upon completion of the order form, you should receive an order confirmation. 

Yes. You’ve just registered a Freenom domain. 

Register at Web Host 

InfinityFree delivers superior free hosting services to the public. Join Now! It requests for: 

Accept their terms of service and enter your email. 

You will be notified by email. Preparing a free WordPress website with InfinityFree requires a valid account. 

InfinityFree Nameservers Setup 

Your free domain name and web hosting have been registered. Set the nameserver to InfinityFree. 

To do this, log in to InfinityFree. Under Accounts, click Create. 

Copy and paste these nameservers into your Freenom profile. 

Log in to Freenom in a new browser tab. 

The dashboard’s gear icon Manage Domain. Tick the box. Custom nameservers in Management tools (enter below). 

Change Nameservers to save your preferences. 

Your new InfinityFree nameservers are now configured appropriately. Click the search button to return to the InfinityFree sign-up page. 


Allow InfinityFree to create your hosting account quickly. Reload the page to receive full Cpanel access. 

Setting up WordPress 

To begin, log into your existing Account Cpanel. Go to the Accounts page and select Control Panel. 

Infinityfree allows three domain names per account. Upgrade to premium hosting for more sites. 

Click Manage in a new tab. Choose Control Panel. 

Both work. 

When you click one of these, you’ll be signed into Cpanel. In the login window, type Softaculous Apps Installer. Now you have a choice of scripts and CMS. Click WordPress, then Install Now. 

Then, give the following data: 

Setup Software Approve 

* Install WordPress version. As of this writing, 5.8.2 

Your website will either be www or non-www. Use HTTPS instead if you have a valid SSL certificate. Then pick your domains from the list. Default domain if not specified. You can name your WordPress directory here. Not applicable. 

You can always change your domain name. 

Like the site name, you can change the site description afterwards. Call it what you wish for now. 

Enable Multisite for multiple WordPress installations (WPMU). Here’s more. 

If you know your stuff, you can disable WordPress Cron. 

Login with the Admin Account 

* Admin Username. Make it challenging to guess for security. 

Passwords must be strong for admin. Password generator to unlock your account. 

Input a valid admin email address. Forgot your login? Use this to regain access. 

Your website defaults to English. Otherwise, pick your language. Just pick one from the list. 

Add-ons (s) 

* Loginizer – Highly recommended. This plugin guards against hackers. 

A classic editor on top of Gutenberg’s block editor. 

Options Ahead 

Only experienced users should update the settings here. Default settings if not. 

A Theme 

This part is optional. This can be altered afterwards.

Then click Install. 

Wait for a success message. Access the WordPress admin panel at

How To Get WordPress Free Hosting: Conclusion 

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