40 Gorgeous Wives of Top Footballers

Everyone, even celebrities, appreciates beauty and allure. Having a gorgeous wives of top footballers proud and to go through life’s journey with can make the experience more pleasurable and exciting. A sportsman needs the encouragement from someone close to them. This article will provide an overview of the top ten soccer wives and girlfriends, showcasing their beauty and attraction as they support their partners in the stadium.

1) Malena Costa

Gorgeous Wives of Top Footballers
Malena Costa

On June 28th, 2016, Matilda Suárez Costa was born to Mario Suárez, a player for ACF Fiorentina, and model Andrea Costa. Matilda is quite the famous Spanish advertisement model, having participated in fashion shows at only 11 years old. In 2012, Mario and Andrea began their relationship, which has been ongoing since then. Andrea has been a model since 2006, and has been in various beauty contests since 2007, such as Miss Balears. She has worked with Swatch, Don Cotton, and Super Modelo, and this marked the beginning of her modeling career.

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