Godaddy Hosting: Things That Godaddy Web Hosting Offer 

GoDaddy hosts one out of every 20 websites online today. As an undisputedly huge company with more than 9,000 employees and managing more than 80 million domain names, they certainly take up most of the market share.

But this is not a popularity contest?

Instead, I will review GoDaddy Hosting so you can get a good sense of their services, customer support and costs. Watch this video about Godaddy Hosting:

GoDaddy sells many different products.

GoDaddy offers many products and plans, so as a first step I will explain more about their web hosting service.

GoDaddy is an excellent place to purchase domains. Their selection of extensions,.net,.org, law and even “today.” GoDaddy offers shared hosting plans ranging in cost from $8.99 to $24.99 when paying back, making domain much cheaper in comparison. GoDaddy, like many other hosting providers, provides this type of shared server solution, making it suitable for small and medium projects that don’t require particularly powerful servers. In particular, WordPress users will appreciate this type of hosting plan. GoDaddy seems to have their servers optimized for optimal WordPress performance and offer various themes to choose from, although I found the overall experience somewhat underwhelming; they charge $9.99/month when renewing your plan and VPS plans are suitable for people needing to configure their server in an unconventional manner. Root access allows you to set up your server exactly how you’d like. Self-hosted VPS plans from GoDaddy start at $6/month and can reach as high as $100 – however you will have to pay extra if going over this limit. If a VPS is insufficient to power your website, dedicated hosting packages may be your ideal solution. They allow you to run your own server without interference from neighbors – meaning less hassle for you! Even though dedicated servers start at $130 a month, you’ll still need money for other expenses. GoDaddy also offers email hosting plans so that your address could look something like [email protected]; these plans begin at just $5.99 for 10 GB storage for each subscriber who joins. People without technical know-how also have website builders available to them for creating a site. Personally, my favorite isn’t Weebly or Wix because some features like its blog fall short; other options exist that offer better website creation solutions than Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace.

They provide various services and features, including hosting reseller programs to enable resellers to sell hosting plans to clients, web design and SEO consulting, and much more.

GoDaddy’s prices: What do their shared plans come with? 

This hosting solution is ideal for individuals or small companies that only need to host one website (domain). With 25 GB of space and no more than five databases allowed per package, this hosting plan won’t meet all their storage needs. Unfortunately, however, SSL certificates don’t come included.

Deluxe plans provide similar specifications and features as the Economy plan, but allow for hosting of 10 websites and 50GB of storage.

If you require more power (2 CPUs and 1.5 GB of memory), consider purchasing the Ultimate plan. It includes a free SSL certificate to keep it safe (for now) while offering 25 websites and 100GB of storage space to use.

It features 2GB of memory, 50 sites, and 200GB of space.

I dislike that some of the elements required to run my website aren’t included in shared hosting plans, like data backup – which costs about $3 per month for 5GB storage – and SSL certificates; although most hosting companies now provide free Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Add-ons quickly add up; in total it would cost $17.50 monthly to expand an Economy plan that costs $8.99 monthly with these must-have add-ons – no longer so economical!

Performs well and offers ample storage space. However, some features such as back-ups, SSL certificates and staging areas are missing from their offering.

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Pros There are a lot of great things about this app. It is user-friendly; I think it would be ideal for newcomers starting out.

*Speed: In my tests, GoDaddy showed an impressive speed.

  • Uptime: GoDaddy offers reliable uptime; further details can be found below.
  • Windows Servers: GoDaddy also provides Windows hosting plans.

Each plan comes without restrictions on how much traffic your website can receive, eliminating this worry altogether.


Their low prices don’t make them an appealing option. To make matters more costly, add-ons such as backups and SSL certificates are required in order to use these plans properly.

  • Without purchasing their paid add-on, there is no way of backing up your data.
  • No SSL: To make your site more secure, obtaining an SSL certificate can be costly – making this an essential investment these days.

As a developer, staging regions and Git repositories may be essential. Unfortunately, GoDaddy lacks these features.

  • They won’t assist with moving your website from one host to the next, unlike some other hosting services.
  • Website Limitations: Each plan sets a limit on how many websites can exist simultaneously.

Is GoDaddy’s uptime satisfactory? 

GoDaddy averaged 1.94 seconds to load while SiteGround came out ahead with 1.54 seconds on average.

Uptime is a measurement that measures how long your website has been operational; unfortunately hosts can’t always guarantee its availability at all times.

Being available 99.95 percent of the time (or with only 0.05 percent downtime) is truly amazing, because without it search engines will penalize you and visitors will suffer as a result.

GoDaddy exceeded the industry average uptime of 99.95 percent with 99.957 percent uptime in April 2012. Other providers, however, had better uptime performance.

Do I think it’s good, GoDaddy? 

Overall, GoDaddy is an ideal solution for small website hosting requirements. I was particularly impressed by: * Their fast connection; * Their straightforward user interface (UI); * And most notably their limitless bandwidth and storage space – not all providers provide these features!

Care should be taken when using GoDaddy; some essential features, like SSL and backups aren’t included in their premium plans, making GoDaddy costly overall.

Lacking more advanced capabilities such as staging areas and aiding new users in moving accounts may irritate developers or agencies, however due to this company’s poor uptime record it may not be an appropriate solution for large websites.

Go daddy’s live chat 

Live chat services are usually accessible 24 hours per day; however, in certain locations or circumstances they may not be.

Customers of GoDaddy web hosting often report having to wait up to an hour on the phone or in person before connecting with customer support representatives. Reviews about their hosting service have both positive and negative comments from their users.

Renewal rates, refunds and not understanding how high renewal rates are are frequently reported as complaints to customer service representatives. Positive evaluations demonstrate their diligence in helping resolve these issues or refunding customers money as quickly as possible.

A website builder is available from GoDaddy. 

GoDaddy’s site builder makes creating websites easy for anyone. Choose one of over 175 free templates available and personalize it using images, text and company logo. Use the right-side menu for navigation by simply pointing and clicking.

GoDaddy site editor hosting is more expensive, but offers additional capabilities. Hosting and site creation cost between $9.99 to $19.99 while an online store costs anywhere from $24.99 up.

Other Advantages 

GoDaddy as a web server provides one of the key advantages: free domain name registration. While other similar providers only provide it for one year at once, GoDaddy gives you one for all full terms at once and you don’t even have to renew it annually or every three years!

This is an excellent print. 

Before selecting GoDaddy as your web host, carefully examine their terms of service and customer support. Their free domain registration offer only lasts for three years; if you purchase five years at once instead, not only will you benefit from free registration for three of those years but the remaining years will become significantly cheaper than usual.

Consider reading their refund policy before making your decision; most items cannot be returned and there may be time limits when getting your money back if signing up for three-month hosting plan with them. Furthermore, some of their language can be confusing: “Once a Hosting Service has already been completed it cannot be refunded”.