Godaddy Hosting: Things That Godaddy Web Hosting Offer 

GoDaddy seems to be the host of 1 in 20 websites. Undeniably, they are a huge company that hosts websites for about 20 million people, has more than 9,000 employees, and manages more than 80 million domain names. 

But this isn’t a popularity contest, is it? 

In place of that, I’m going to write a review of GoDaddy Hosting, so that you can know what to expect from them, what the deal is with their customer service, and how much it will cost you. 
watch the below video on Godaddy Hosting:

There are a lot of things GoDaddy sells. 

GoDaddy has a lot of products and a lot of different plans. As a first step, I’ll tell you a little more about their web hosting service. 

If you want to buy a domain name, GoDaddy is a good place to start. There are a lot of different types of domain extensions that they can help you get. These,.net,.org, law, and even a domain called “today.” For the first year, domain will cost you $14.99 and then $19.99 every year after that. It is not the cheapest. At GoDaddy, there are also shared hosting plans that you can choose from. It will cost you between $8.99 and $24.99 when you have to pay again. With this kind of service, you’ll share a server with other people. It’s good for small and medium projects that don’t need very powerful servers. GoDaddy, like many other hosting providers, has a service that is good for WordPress. They seem to have their servers set up for better WordPress performance, and they have a variety of themes to choose from. I don’t think it’s very exciting. It costs $9.99 a month when you sign up again. VPS plans from GoDaddy are for people who need to set up their servers in a unique way. With root (administrative) access, you’ll be able to set up your server the way you want it. They also have more power than shared hosting plans. A self-hosted VPS plan from GoDaddy costs $6 a month and can go up to $100 a month, but you have to pay for it. If a VPS isn’t powerful enough for your site, a dedicated hosting package is your best next step. With these, you’ll be able to run your own server and not have your neighbors mess with your project, so you won’t have to deal with them. Even though dedicated servers start at $130 a month, you’ll need money for that. GoDaddy also has email hosting plans, so you can have an address like They start at $5.99 a month for 10 GB of email storage for each person who signs up. For people who aren’t very tech-savvy, they also have a website builder they can use to make their site. To be honest, it’s not my favorite site builder because some of its features fall a little short (e.g. the blog). There are a lot of other options that I think are better than Weebly, Wix, or Squarespace for making a website. 

Among other things, they have a hosting reseller program so that you can sell hosting plans to your clients, web design and SEO consulting, and more. 

GoDaddy’s prices: What do their shared plans come with? 

It’s for people who want to host just one website (domain) and don’t need more than 25 GB of space. It also has a limit on the number of databases that can be stored on it. SSL certificates don’t come with the package. 

In the Deluxe tier, you get the same specs and features as the Economy package, but you can host 10 websites and have 50 GB of storage. 

If you need more power (e.g. 2 CPUs and 1.5 GB of memory), you can buy the Ultimate plan. It also comes with a free SSL certificate, which means it’s safe (for the first term). 25 web sites and 100 GB of storage space are all that can be used. 

It comes with 2 GB of memory, 50 sites, and 200 GB of space. 

I don’t like that some of the things you’ll need for your website aren’t included in the shared hosting plans. There are a few extra costs, like if you want to have your site’s data backed up, which costs about $3 per month for 5GB of storage and $7 per month for SSL certificates. Most hosting companies now offer free Let’s Encrypt certificates. 

This quickly adds up. It costs $17.50 a month to add these must-have add-ons to the Economy plan, which costs $8.99 a month. It’s not so “Economy” now. 

Their performance is good and they have a lot of space for web storage. There are some things that it doesn’t have, like back-ups, SSL certificates, and staging areas. 

A look at the main pros and cons: 


There are a lot of good things about this app. It’s easy to use: I think it would be good for people who are just starting out. 

* Speed: In my tests, GoDaddy had a fair amount of speed. 

* Uptime: GoDaddy’s uptime isn’t the best, but it’s still good. You can find more information about this below. 

* Windows servers: GoDaddy also has Windows hosting. 

There will be no limit on the amount of traffic your site can get with each plan, so you won’t have to worry about it. 


Because they don’t have the best prices, they’re not the best option. In order to make them even more expensive, you need to buy the basic add-ons, like backups and SSL certificates. 

* If you don’t buy their paid add-on, there isn’t a way to back up your data. 

* No SSL: If you want your site to be secure, you’ll have to pay for a certificate. This is pretty important these days. 

Staging regions and Git repositories may be required as a developer. Unfortunately, GoDaddy lacks these features. 

* They will not assist you in moving your websites from one host to another, unlike some other hosting services. 

* Limitation on the number of websites: All plans have a limit on the number of websites you can have. 

When it comes to GoDaddy, there are instances when it’s a good idea and times when it’s not. 

Because GoDaddy operates a large number of servers. 

You’ll need to set aside some money for web hosting as a first step. GoDaddy isn’t cheap, especially after you start purchasing simple add-ons. 

If you want a host that gives you a lot of space but doesn’t keep track of how many people visit your site, I recommend GoDaddy’s shared hosting. 

GoDaddy also offers Windows hosting, which might be enough to persuade some individuals. 

Take the GoDaddy Performance Test to see how well you’re doing. 

It was critical for me to evaluate GoDaddy’s performance in order to determine whether or not they are a reliable hosting provider. Some of the tools I’ve used to check their uptime and speed include StatusCake, Pingdom, GTmetrix, and Google PageSpeed Insights. 

GoDaddy discovered this through a speed test. 

Having a slow web host is inconvenient. They despise staring at a blank page that refuses to load. 

If customers have to wait too long to read your material, many people will abandon your site. 

Is GoDaddy’s uptime satisfactory? 

In our tests, GoDaddy took an average of 1.94 seconds to load. With an average load time of 1.54 seconds, SiteGround was the fastest host. 

The uptime is a metric that measures how long your website has been up and running. Hosts can’t always guarantee that your site will be available at all times. 

It’s a wonderful thing to have a 99.95 percent uptime (or 0.05 percent downtime). Because if you don’t, search engines will penalize you, and your visitors will suffer. 

The uptime of GoDaddy was higher than the industry average of 99.95 percent. Many providers, however, performed better than GoDaddy. 

Do I think it’s good, GoDaddy? 

Overall, I believe GoDaddy is a solid choice for modest website hosting. I liked: * Their fast connection; * Their simple and straightforward UI; * Their limitless bandwidth and storage space; not many providers provide these features. 

However, there are a few unintended consequences to be mindful of when using it. Some fundamental features, such as SSL and backups, aren’t included in their already premium plans, thus GoDaddy ends up being quite costly. 

They also lack more advanced capabilities such as staging areas and do not assist new users in moving their accounts. This may irritate those who work for developers or agencies. However, because to this company’s poor uptime record, it is not a smart solution for large websites. 

Go daddy’s live chat 

Live chat is generally available 24 hours a day, but it may not be available in some locations. 

On the phone or in person, some of us have had to wait up to an hour for a customer support representative. Customers have both positive and negative things to say about GoDaddy web hosting. 

Renewal rates, refunds, and not understanding how high the renewal rates are appear to be common complaints. Positive evaluations demonstrate how diligently many customer service representatives work to resolve a problem or refund a customer’s money. 

A website builder is available from GoDaddy. 

Use GoDaddy’s site builder to create a website that anyone can do. Make use of one of the more than 175 free templates available. Then customize it with your own images, text, and company logo. You can use the right-side menu to navigate the editor by pointing and clicking. 

You’ll pay a bit more for hosting with the GoDaddy site editor, but you’ll receive a few additional capabilities. Hosting and site creation range from $9.99 to $19.99, with an online store costing $24.99 or more. 

Other Advantages 

One of the best aspects of utilizing GoDaddy as a web server is that you can register a domain name for free. Many of GoDaddy’s competitors provide free domain registration for the first year, but GoDaddy goes a step further. They provide you with a free domain for a year. You can acquire a free domain registration for your first full term. You can receive it for free, whether it’s for one year or three years. 

This is an excellent print. 

Before choosing GoDaddy as your web host, examine the terms of service and customer support carefully. The free domain name offer is only good for three years. If you purchase five years of service at once, you will receive free domain registration for the first three years, but the remaining years will be cheaper. 

It’s also a good idea to read the refund policy because it’s quite restrictive. The majority of items cannot be returned. If you sign up for a three-month web hosting plan with GoDaddy, there is a time limit on how long you may get your money back. Furthermore, some of the phrasing is difficult to comprehend: “If a Hosting Service has already been completed, it will not be refunded.”