Cheap Website Builder In USA 

This article presents the top Affordable Website Builder.

Here is a selection of the top Cheap Website Builder:


Webnode may not offer as many features (like ecommerce ) than other website builders; however, its ease of use makes creating multilingual websites simple. Plus, modern designs already optimised to work on mobile devices make Webnode an attractive solution!

If you’re in search of an economical website solution, the Limited and Mini plans can provide an ideal low-cost option. With either plan you can connect a domain name but still remain with an Webnode ad at the bottom. Mini comes without ads and comes equipped with one free domain name for an entire year — an excellent option for any personal or professional website!

Prices: (Free plan: $0.90/month and Limited plan : $4.00 per month)

**Mini: $7.50 per month and Standard: $12.90

Professional: $22.90 monthly. 

If you have limited funds available to create a website, is an economical option. Prices begin at just $2.49 a month for five page websites or less; thereafter additional pages cost $7.48 monthly – although these prices don’t take into account packages such as Wix or Weebly which provide more complete solutions with hosting capabilities and website builder modules, such as adding WordPress or content managers such as Squarespace etc.

Prices: * Standard (beginner plan + Standard website builder): $2.49 per month

  • Premium Plan: $7.48 Per Month (Including Starter Plan and Premium Website Builder)


Weebly has an intuitive drag-and-drop editor that makes its use simple, with high-quality templates that adapt automatically to all devices (such as tablets and smartphones). Furthermore, its blog provides plenty of flexibility with features like tags, categories and scheduling posts; making this platform perfect for bloggers.

Weebly offers plans that you can pay for monthly, offering more flexibility compared to most website builders that only allow this once. Although they do charge a small monthly fee for these plans, at least it’s an option available to them – something not offered by all website builders.


Ucraft offers beautiful designs that stand out from its competition; their templates look very modern while being somewhat unique from most others. However, we would love more templates submitted. Additionally, Ucraft features a landing page builder as part of its free website builder features; connecting an existing custom domain is free allowing people to subscribe for email lists without paying monthly subscription fees for more complex websites (The Pro Website plan starts at $10 per month).


TemplateToaster, located in New York City, takes an unconventional approach to website building. Instead of being limited by cloud solutions, its software can be downloaded onto your laptop and used directly for website creation – perfect if you need something offline!

Modern templates with ample choices available make this product appealing. Plus, it works seamlessly with CMSs such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal; another added perk! There’s even a CSS editor and JavaScript editor to assist in customizing it all to fit perfectly!


 $49 for the Standard Edition 

$99 for the Professional Edition 

Mac and Linux users will have to find another solution (e.g. use virtualization). Some may find the process of updating software yourself cumbersome; and you’ll need an online hosting provider in order to host their website.

Price for Standard Edition : $69.49

Professional Edition costs $99.


Early in 2019, hosting giant HostGator introduced their Gator website builder. Offering over 200 stylish templates that work well on mobile devices (grouped by niche), you should easily be able to find something suitable. Gator’s editor is just as flexible as Wix’s; plus there are pre-built blocks such as “Meet the team” to assist in designing your site more quickly.

Cheap Website Builder: Conclusion 

As we’ve seen, there are various methods for creating websites on a budget. From hiring an “expert” with no upfront costs and doing it all yourself to Webnode being often the cheapest but subject to certain rules – there are multiple solutions out there which offer cheap website creation solutions.

Making your own website can be the key to ensuring its highest quality and achieving top search engine rankings. That’s why we created a free guide that can help you launch one quickly and affordably.

Thank you for reading my blog post on Cheap Website Builder.