Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022 

This article outlines the Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022

Choosing any of the web hosts on this list is likely to be a good choice. However, each supplier has unique plans and incentives, so do your homework before committing. Let’s explore the choices! 


Hostinger is one of the cheapest web hosts available. Its WordPress shared plans start at about $0.80 per month and go down from there. Because this provider is so cheap, you’d expect it to cut corners somewhere. 


SiteGround is a well-known name in hosting. It has a good assortment of plans and is reasonably priced. It’s also the only provider on our list that offers affordable managed WordPress plans. 

As you may know, managed hosting is a type of service where your provider manages your site. In practice, this means processes like backups, upgrades, and optimization are automated. The particular benefits you receive can vary depending on which managed host you choose. 


iPage is an inexpensive WordPress hosting alternative. Plans start at $3.75 per month, which is very affordable. This service offers a wide range of pre-installed WordPress themes and plugins to help you get started faster. 


DreamHost is another web server that keeps things simple by only offering a few WordPress plans. The cheapest plan starts at $2.59 per month and includes a lot of features. 


Immediately, InMotion is more pricey than the other WordPress providers we’ve reviewed. But, given none of our past entries have exceeded $5 each month, that’s not much. 

InMotion, on the other hand, starts at $6.99/month for managed WordPress hosting. 


A2 Hosting promises to be one of the fastest web hosts around. We’ll see if it lives up to them in a second. Enough said about this provider’s WordPress-focused plans. 


Bluehost follows. This popular host offers a wide range of plans. With WordPress, you have three options, all of which are quite affordable. 


Namecheap is a well-known domain registrar. They used to offer a wide selection of hosting options to round out their offering. Now they’ve released a range of managed WordPress hosting services dubbed EasyWP, which enticed us to dig more. 

Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022:Conclusion 

Budget services aren’t usually associated with excellent quality. But WordPress hosting is a bit unusual. Because the market is so competitive, providers must offer low costs to attract new clients. Excellent news for consumers. 

In practice, this means WordPress hosting options start at under $5 per month. They are also generally sturdy enough to manage high traffic sites. We heartily suggest all of the services listed here. However, SiteGround and Namecheap are particularly good value for money. Namecheap also offers monthly billing, a rarity among affordable web hosting.

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