Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022 

This article describes Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022.

Choose any of the web hosts listed here as they will likely provide excellent hosting solutions, although each supplier offers unique plans and incentives – it pays to do your homework first! Let’s explore your options together!


Hostinger is one of the least expensive web hosts available, starting with WordPress shared plans starting at just $0.80 a month for shared WordPress plans and going down from there. While being so cost-cutting might lead you to expect certain reductions somewhere along the line, Hostinger proves otherwise.


SiteGround is an industry leader when it comes to hosting, with an impressive variety of plans at reasonable prices – and being the only provider on our list offering affordable managed WordPress plans, SiteGround stands out as an exceptional option.

As many are aware, managed hosting is a service where your provider oversees all aspects of managing your website for you – this typically means backups, upgrades and optimization are taken care of automatically by their system. As far as benefits go, these can vary depending on which host is chosen – each can offer unique advantages that might not otherwise exist for you.


iPage offers an affordable WordPress hosting alternative, with plans starting as little as $3.75 a month – this service also comes equipped with pre-installed themes and plugins to get you up and running quicker.


DreamHost Keeping it simple, DreamHost keeps their web hosting service affordable by only offering WordPress plans – with pricing beginning as little as $2.59/month to get all the features of each plan included in it.


At first glance, InMotion appears more costly than some of the other WordPress providers we’ve reviewed; however, since no previous entry exceeded $5 monthly in cost. This difference may not seem significant when considering that none of our previous entries topped out at over that threshold.

InMotion Hosting starts at $6.99/month for managed WordPress hosting services.


A2 Hosting boasts of being one of the fastest web hosts available; let’s see if their promises hold true in just a moment. Let’s also not forget their WordPress-focused plans that may also prove handy.


Bluehost is another well-recognized host that provides various plans, with three affordable WordPress plans.


Namecheap, the world-famous domain registrar, used to offer various hosting options; now they’ve released EasyWP hosting plans which piqued our interest even further.

Cheap Web Hosting Companies 2022:Conclusion 

Budget services don’t typically equate with high quality. WordPress hosting stands out, however; due to fierce market competition among providers and customers alike, providers need to offer low costs so as to attract new clients – an amazing boon for consumers!

Practically, this means WordPress hosting options start at under $5 per month and are generally robust enough to handle high traffic sites. While we recommend all the services listed here, SiteGround and Namecheap offer particularly excellent value for money; Namecheap even offers monthly billing – something rare among affordable web hosts!

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