Best VPS Hosting Services For Your Website 

This article outlines the Best VPS Hosting Services For Your Website.

HostGator VPS 

HostGator VPS HostGator is an established VPS hosting provider offering an array of website creation tools. Their VPS hosting services make scaling server resources simple.

Full root access gives you complete control of your hosting environment, whether that means live chat, phone calls or emails – and can increase server resources with one click!

WEEKLY BACKUP* You have the option of selecting managed and semi-managed VPS hosting options for your VPS.

Cons: HostGator may not be ideal. Their RAID 10 disk storage, known for their data security, may prove too slow compared to SSD options.

Bluehost VPS 

Bluehost VPS officially recommends Bluehost; worldwide they now host over 8 million websites.

Bluehost collaborates closely with industry titans such as Intel and AMD in developing its VPS server hardware infrastructure.

  • Bluehost offers SSD storage that’s twice as fast as HDD for maximum speed and full control over CentOS hosts. Plus, with an enhanced cPanel you’ll gain full command over multiple hosting accounts like shared, dedicated, and VPS hosting!

Cons: Bluehost’s system is built upon CentOS and not compatible with other operating system configurations, while their VPS starter plan only offers one IP whereas most providers provide at least two.

DreamHost VPS For 18 years now, Dreamhost has been hosting nearly 1.5 million websites. No email support is currently offered by them.

Everyone receives a user-friendly management panel, expert assistance with manual security patches and 20x faster SSD storage. They have three VPS plans with 1GB to 4GB RAM and 30GB to 240GB SSD storage available.

*Unlike other VPS hosts, they provide limitless bandwidth. Their plans are among the cheapest available; increasing your VPS plan only takes approximately 10 seconds!

Cons: Whilst their Live Chat support is only available between 5am-10pm PST, and their starting plan only has 1 GB RAM compared to 2 offered by other VPS providers, their plans quickly become too costly for regular use.

iPage VPS iPage offers affordable VPS hosting plans with up to four cores, 8GB RAM and 120 GB disk space.

Mirrored SAN storage guarantees optimal server speed and dependability; advanced customers may even gain root access.

Pros: * One year free domain registration

*iPage offers one of the cheapest VPS hosting plans available and all plans include cPanel as standard.

Comparative to other hosting providers we researched, their starting VPS plan only offers 1GB RAM. Furthermore, only CentOS is supported, making iPage unsuitable for other Linux distributions. SAN storage offers greater reliability but is slower.

Best VPS Hosting Services For Your Website: Conclusion 

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