Best Hosting Reseller Website 

This article describes the Top Hosting Reseller Website.


GoDaddy’s reseller program gives you everything necessary to launch your own hosting business, making GoDaddy an excellent option for anyone just getting started.

GoDaddy provides two plans, Basic for up to 25 clients, and Professional (unlimited clients).

But, you should know that GoDaddy resale service provides an already assembled program which allows you to sell GoDaddy products for a commission fee.


GoDaddy provides pre-made e-commerce templates to help your brand remain consistent with its values. Their payment system handles payments for these templates directly so no merchant account needs to be set up separately.

GoDaddy provides many guides to assist with customizing your showcase to make an excellent first impression with customers. Reseller hosting services have never been simpler!

Your profit margins (how much you will charge the end user) can be predetermined in advance so you have complete control over how much is charged for every product sold.

GoDaddy offers very reasonable hosting costs, making reselling hosting services through GoDaddy an attractive business proposition. Here is what GoDaddy Reseller Hosting costs.

GoDaddy stands out among its competitors by offering customers “white-label.” This service allows anyone to contact GoDaddy’s technical team directly on behalf of your company.


  • GoDaddy makes working with WordPress much simpler. Users can access pre-made templates directly.
  • GoDaddy offers tools that make selling domain names, business email addresses, website builder packages, SSL certificates and more simple than ever. They allow for direct promotional discounts as well as the option to buy complementary products to work on with customers – giving your managed hosting solution more options in terms of prices and selection of features for customers. During checkout you can offer them additional products; GoDaddy handles them all for you at no cost while their customer service reps will attempt to sell you more products when calling or emailing for support (where appropriate).


*You can change the look of your storefront and set your own prices, but GoDaddy doesn’t give you a lot of freedom when it comes to sharing your resources. Custom programs are hard to make, and the only way to do so is through the API. GoDaddy charges for email, while other providers give it away for free. 

Best Hosting Reseller Website: Conclusion

With reseller hosting, you can offer your customers something their competitors cannot. When selecting the appropriate reseller platform, however, one should take into consideration how much time reselling can consume.

Each reseller hosting provider on our list offers distinct advantages and disadvantages; what your goals for your hosting reseller business and which services you currently offer your customers will determine which provider is right for them.

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