10 Best Free Blogging Sites For 2023

Best Free Blogging Sites : Blogging has an extensive and distinguished history dating back to 1993. Since then, people have used blogs as an outlet for expression, money-making opportunities or advertising their main businesses.

Best Free Blogging Sites

1. WordPress (Self-Hosted)

WordPress (Self-Hosted)
WordPress (Self-Hosted)

Self-Hosted WordPress, commonly known as WordPress.org, is an open-source blogging platform designed to democratize writing while giving writers all of the liberties afforded them by open source software.

Simply put, WordPress was designed and operates so that everyone has access to a platform where they can express what matters most to them – in their own voice – at no cost. That belief lies at the core of our free blogging platform.

2. Wix


Wix Wix first made its debut as a free blogging platform back in 2006. Since then, however, its reach has expanded substantially and now serves an estimated 150 million individuals with websites across 190 countries worldwide.

It’s a (WYSIWYG) program, meaning that you can see exactly how your blog will appear before pressing “publish”.

They offer both premium programs as well as free ones.

3. WordPress.com


Not everyone knows there are two varieties of WordPress available – self-hosted (WordPress.org) and hosted (WordPress.com), both offering one of the top free blogging solutions.

As part of my earlier review of free blogging platforms, WordPress.org was my pick; let’s now discuss its competitor–WordPress.com.

WordPress.com provides subscription and limited free options.

WordPress.com’s free edition would be suitable for individuals looking to test out blogging without being concerned with monetization or access to many features – at least initially. While this is typical of free blogging services available today, I see it as a significant disadvantage.

WordPress.com provides an easy, free blogging site solution for people seeking a basic hobby blog or simply seeking to explore if writing is something they enjoy doing.

4. HubSpot


Even if you haven’t utilized HubSpot as a content management system (CMS), chances are it is familiar as an email marketing and customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

HubSpot is well-renowned for its award-winning all-in-one solution, which encompasses features across its Marketing, Sales, Service, and Operations Hub. Furthermore, it has made significant strides within the CMS industry by unveiling their brand new free platform in 2022.

HubSpot stands out from its competition with its seamless combination of business and website capabilities, which enables your brand and customers to come together seamlessly in one spot.

5. Weebly


Weebly has become one of the top free blogging platforms due to its user-friendly features and eCommerce compatibility, making it a top contender among free blog platforms.

Like Wix, this free blogging service features drag-and-drop functionality built around a WYSIWYG page builder – making it particularly user-friendly for new bloggers looking to experiment with blogging platforms for the first time.

Weebly begins as a free blog site, but there are premium options to unlock more features, secure your own domain name, and attract more visitors to your blog site.

6. Medium


Medium stands out from this list of free blogging platforms in that it does not serve as an all-in-one website builder solution.

Medium is more of a platform for writers than an actual blogging platform; in actuality, Medium functions more as a collaborative writer’s community that meets social media.

Medium is an entirely free platform where you can share your blog material. Get started right away!

7. Blogger


Blogger mes Blogger is another fantastic, though slightly antiquated, option for free blogging sites designed for individuals wishing to test the waters with a free blog.

Google acquired this free blogging service back in 2003; so instead of actually owning your website, you are more or less renting it from them.

8. Ghost


Ghost was launched as a Kickstarter project in 2013 with the intention of providing professional authors with an easy blogging platform at no cost, similar to WordPress in that both hosted and self-hosted versions exist.

Self-hosted WordPress blogs are free; however they require both domain registration and hosting in order to function.

9. Tumblr


Tumblr is a free blogging platform hosting 476 million blogs that was recently purchased by Automattic (the company behind WordPress). Like Medium, Tumblr serves as both a blog and social media platform.

10. Joomla (Self-Hosted)

Joomla, like WordPress, is an open-source CMS. In order to fully take advantage of its blogging platform – which otherwise comes free – however you will require both a domain name and hosting plan purchase just like with self-hosted WordPress sites.

Joomla is the second-most-popular content management system worldwide.

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