10 Important Steps For Windows VPS Server Security!

Windows VPS Server Security:- Increasing security is crucial for protecting the Windows VPS operating system. You will discover the most effective techniques for enhancing security in this post to ward off hacker threats and assaults. Select the appropriate VPS plan on website if you haven’t already bought your own Windows VPS. 

Windows VPS Server Security

1. Utilize Unknown Ports To Access Various Services

Most users utilize the default port when connecting to a Windows virtual server, which makes it simpler for hackers or brute-force assaults to access server resources because they are well-known ports. These ports are generally recognized to most people; one well-known port is the RDP port.

Of course, you may considerably reduce these assaults by switching the default ports to unknown ports.

2. Activate Windows Server’s Firewall

Another crucial step in enhancing the security of the Windows Virtual Server is turning on the firewall, which enables you to block or unblock a certain IP.

Use Windows Firewall so you can easily filter Internet settings, incoming and outgoing traffic, and possible threats. The firewall also blocks traffic from suspect IP addresses to keep your network safe.

Activate Windows Server's Firewall
Activate Windows Server’s Firewall

3. For the administrator account, select a good password.

The security of your Windows Virtual Server might be compromised if you write down your password in any way, forget any security advice, or lose your memory disk.

Apply strong passwords. Select a password that consists of a mix of letters, numbers, symbols, and both upper- and lowercase characters. Also, make sure that the password you select is lengthy.

4. Default Account Change

Deactivating the admin account and setting up a new account is preferable.

You must must have an operating system with a default account before purchasing a VPS. You should be aware that these accounts are frequently vulnerable to brute-force assaults. You must, therefore, change the account. Don’t forget to grant the new account admin rights.

5. VPS Windows Update

Microsoft releases a variety of updates on a regular basis and with care to close security gaps in the operating system; upgrading Windows is crucial and may greatly improve the security of software that runs on Windows.

You may specify operating system updates to be obeyed or enable automatic updates on your operating system to have updates installed automatically.

VPS Windows Update
VPS Windows Update

6. Install only the necessary operating system packages.

Pay close attention to installing the program as custom while installing Windows Server since doing so will cut down on assaults and updates.

The security threats grow as more software is put on your virtual server.

7. Create many accounts

If the server is accessible to numerous users, set the following necessary permissions:

·        Switch on two-step authentication

·        Avoid using a blank password.

·        Do not keep your passwords in Chrome Password Manager.

·        Do not configure unauthorized access to user accounts.

8. Encryption Should Be Used In BitLocker Mode

Encryption in BitLocker mode aids in providing the essential protection in offline mode; it stops malware from spreading and functions as an anti-malware tool. Bitlocker keeps running to improve server security even when the server is not running.

9. Use SFTP rather than FTPS and FTP

Most people use SFTP in place of FTP, a data transfer protocol that does not encrypt data. Even though FTPS uses encryption, you should be aware that the security level is still minimal; it is thus preferable to utilize SFTP.

In contrast to FTP and FTPS, which utilize two ports, such as port 20 for authentication and port 21 for file transfer, SFTP uses just one port and is based on the network protocol (SSH), which greatly decreases the risk of work.

Use SFTP rather than FTPS and FTP
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10. Genuine and authorized Windows private server

Keep in mind that utilizing unlicensed and cracked Windows servers drastically lowers server security.

Some people install Windows Server from sources that offer pirated and illegitimate files, even for free, at a lesser cost than the original. Why, in your opinion, are these VPS pricing less expensive than those of the original versions?

It is best to be aware of the serious risk that the same anonymous person could have full access to your Windows server at any time, even if you have an antivirus installed and a firewall running. This is true even though unidentified individuals remove restrictions in the form of cracked files on illegal Windows servers.

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