10 Features a Good Web Host Should Provide

Good Web Host Should Provide:- A web host has several effects on a website. The hosting provider determines the speed, security, scalability, and usability of your website.

However, selecting a web host is not without challenges.

Disk space, bandwidth, security, and other web hosting options vary per hosting company. It is critical to recognize what you require and what you can live without.

Good Web Host Should Provide

1. Disk Space

One of the two fundamental services provided by web hosting is disk space or storage.

The files that make up a website’s visuals and those that control what happens when you click a button are among the many files that make up the website. These files must be kept on web servers that are backed by physical data centers in order to host a website. Because the files take up disk space, you’ll need a hosting package that includes enough storage space.

In addition to the files required for the website’s functioning, you’ll need space for user-submitted content. For example, if you invite users to contribute photographs or videos, you will want additional storage space to accommodate this.

2. Bandwidth

Another key service provided by hosting solutions is bandwidth. It assesses a server’s ability to transport data within a given time range.

If you want your website to load quicker, bandwidth is an important web hosting option to have. 

3. Security

Cyberattacks affect 43% of small firms, according to Fundera.

Your web server serves as an additional barrier of security against cyberattacks. You can defend your website from cyberattacks by using the correct web host.


4. Uptime

One of the most crucial features of web hosting that small businesses and inexperienced website owners ignore is uptime.

Uptime is the proportion of time your website is up and running and accessible to visitors – the closer to 100% the better.

5. Website Speed

Websites should load in five seconds or less, according to today’s internet users.

Website performance has an impact on search engine optimization in addition to user experience (SEO).

Good web hosting providers assist their customers in delivering fast page speeds by:

Using solid-state drives (SSD) in servers: SSDs access data quicker than traditional hard drives.

Limiting the number of websites on a shared server: Websites require server resources to function; the more websites hosted on a server, the greater the rivalry for resources.

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6. Pre-Installed Apps

Web providers provide a variety of web hosting options in the form of applications.

Common applications include:


The control panel (cPanel) is a program that allows you to manage server processes. While every hosting account comes with a cPanel, the interface varies depending on the hosting company and might be complicated or simple to use.

Bluehost has a professionally designed control panel with quick access to all of the programs you want.

7. Domain Names

Your domain name is the Internet address for your digital place. It was designed to locate and identify internet organizations without the need of IP addresses.

A hosting package will frequently offer free domain name registration.

Some website owners buy a domain first (for business emails) and then switch to a different web host. As a result, the domain owner must be able to transfer the domain to another registrar.

Domain Names
Domain Names

8. Website Builder

Building a website is no longer complicated. Many web hosting companies provide site builders as a standard web hosting service.

Bluehost’s Website Builder, for example, is a drag-and-drop website construction tool that includes 300+ pre-made themes to make website development simple. Its built-in Smart AI leads users through the process of creating responsive designs that fit any device.

Additionally, the website builder contains the following attributes:

  • Image repository
  • CSS and custom fonts
  • Email marketing for free
Website Builder
Website Builder

9. Support

A solid technical support team is essential in these situations. The finest web hosting companies offer round-the-clock customer service via many channels, including:

  • Forums for knowledge bases
  • Chatbots for live conversation
  • Email assistance 
  • Calls

10. Backups

Backups of your website are critical.

Even if you have the strongest website security, your website may be compromised by a flaw. This means that a solid backup strategy is essential. To minimize data loss, a competent hosting service should restore your website with little downtime and perform periodic automated backups of your website.

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