10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company 

This article features 10 of the Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies.

Let’s cut to the chase – here is our list of 10 Best Minecraft Server Host Companies.

Here is our selection of the 10 Best Minecraft Server Hosting Companies on the market, along with a brief review of each. It includes features and pricing details.

1.Apex Hosting is the best value for money when it comes to hosting Minecraft ($1.49 for the first month). 

Apex Hosting was our go-to host for many reasons, such as their user-friendly setup, low latency and ease of installing modpacks with just one or two clicks – perfect for people new to running Minecraft servers who don’t want to waste their time messing around when things can be accomplished much more easily.

2.Overall, the cheapest place to host a Minecraft server in 2022 is ShockBite (only $1.87 with discount). 

Shockbyte has been hosting Minecraft servers since 2013, making them one of the oldest providers. Headquartered in Australia, gamers from around the globe now use Shockbyte’s services – its goal being to offer high-quality servers at competitive prices; Shockbyte appears to have achieved that objective successfully so far.

3.Hostinger has good prices for strong Minecraft server hosting. 

Hostinger stands out as a rare large hosting provider that also specializes in game server hosting, unlike most others on this list. While Hostinger may not specialize exclusively in Minecraft hosting services like its peers on this list do, it still performs just as effectively and may even do better in certain instances.

4.BisectHosting has great plans for people just starting out with Minecraft. 

BisectHosting was created by gamers for gamers. Established in February 2012 by a group of Minecraft enthusiasts who weren’t satisfied with how the market worked at that time, BisectHosting quickly evolved into a strong company. They soon had servers for Terraria, Rust, Valheim as well as Minecraft–but the main focus remains Minecraft!

5.Nodecraft: Start a Minecraft server for free with Nodecraft 

Nodecraft is a versatile game server provider with 29 games currently supported, including Minecraft. Nodecraft makes hosting multiple server for multiple games easy with its convenient service allowing you to host them quickly and switch between them whenever needed – especially since Minecraft servers tend to be pricey but Nodecraft provides various perks in order to offset this.

6.ScalaCube is the most reliable place to host Minecraft. 

ScalaCube, an Estonian company founded in 2015, quickly gained in popularity since its launch as an affordable server provider for games like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved and Minecraft. Their intuitive service makes them great choices for beginning users; but don’t rule them out just yet if you are more experienced as it has some unique advanced features that might appeal to you as well.

7.MCProHosting has a great Minecraft community and great customer service. 

MCProHosting is one of the oldest Minecraft server hosting companies available today. Established shortly after its initial release in 2011, with the intention of providing high quality yet cost-effective servers to fans of the game, the company quickly expanded into providing servers for other popular titles such as Rust, CS:GO, Conan Exiles etc – although Minecraft remains its primary source of income today.

8.Anvilnode Offers Good Minecraft Hosting 

Anvilnode may not be as widely-known as other companies on this list, but that should not dissuade you from considering their services. Their hardware is current and their prices competitive; additionally, Anvilnode only makes Minecraft servers and those looking for managed dedicated hosting can even get these plans at ServerMiner.

9.ServerMiner is another hosting service that focuses on Minecraft servers and nothing else.

ServerMiner was launched in 2012 with an uncomplicated philosophy: it believes in its services and stands by them without exception, even though customers usually resolve any issues themselves thanks to Trustpilot reviews and other platforms. The business has experienced rapid expansion ever since its conception and has an admirable record of customer reviews on Trustpilot and similar platforms that show exactly this confidence in them.

10.Nitrous Networks is a dependable game hosting service with great customer service. 

Nitrous was founded as a one-person business in 2010, but quickly expanded into game servers, voice servers, VPSs, and much more. Today it offers servers for over two dozen popular games; Java and Pocket editions of Minecraft can also be found among many others!

10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company: Conclusion 

As soon as Minecraft was first released in 2011, many thought it was just another passing trend that wouldn’t last, yet almost ten years later, the game remains popular and remains affordable to try out. If you were considering giving Minecraft a go but hadn’t, now would be an ideal time since hosting services have never been better or cheaper; why host your own server when an expert team of server hosts can do it for only a few dollars a month?

As far as selecting a hosting provider goes, all the ones we have mentioned here in this article would make solid options.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post on the 10 Best Minecraft Server Host Companies.