10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company 

This article outlines the 10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company.

Enough talking, let’s look at our list of the 10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company. 

Here is our list of the 10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company on the market, along with a quick summary of their pros and cons and some pricing information. 

1.Apex Hosting is the best value for money when it comes to hosting Minecraft ($1.49 for the first month). 

Apex Hosting is the best option for us for a number of reasons. They have a familiar setup, very low latency, and the ability to install modpacks with just one or two clicks. This is helpful for people who are new to running Minecraft servers or just don’t want to waste time messing around when things could be done much more easily. 

2.Overall, the cheapest place to host a Minecraft server in 2022 is ShockBite (only $1.87 with discount). 

Shockbyte has been around since 2013 and is one of the oldest companies that hosts Minecraft servers. The company is based in Australia, but gamers from all over the world use its services now. The goal of Shockbyte is to offer high-quality servers at rock-bottom prices, and it looks like they are well on their way to doing that. 

3.Hostinger has good prices for strong Minecraft server hosting. 

Hostinger is a little bit different because it is one of the few large hosting companies that offers game servers. The company is best known for its cheap shared hosting services, but it also offers VPS hosting and cloud hosting. But even though Hostinger doesn’t focus on Minecraft servers exclusively, it can do the job just as well as any other company on this list, and in some cases even better. 

4.BisectHosting has great plans for people just starting out with Minecraft. 

BisectHosting is a company that was made by gamers for gamers. BisectHosting was started in February 2012 by a group of Minecraft fans who didn’t like how the market was at the time. It quickly grew into a strong company. The company now has servers for games like Terraria, Rust, and the recently released Valheim, but Minecraft is still its main focus. 

5.Nodecraft: Start a Minecraft server for free with Nodecraft 

Nodecraft is a typical “jack-of-all-trades” game server provider that supports a wide range of games. There are 29 games to choose from right now, and Minecraft is one of them. The service is great because you can host servers for multiple games and switch between them whenever you want. Especially when it comes to Minecraft servers, they can be a bit pricey, but Nodecraft offers a number of perks to make up for this. 

6.ScalaCube is the most reliable place to host Minecraft. 

ScalaCube is an Estonian company that started out small in 2015. Since then, it has grown into a very popular server provider for games like Rust, Ark: Survival Evolved, and, of course, Minecraft. The service is easy to understand and use, which makes it a great choice for people who are just starting out. But if you’re an experienced user, don’t write off ScalaCube because it has some interesting advanced features that you might like. 

7.MCProHosting has a great Minecraft community and great customer service. 

MCProHosting is one of the oldest Minecraft server hosting companies out there. The company was started in 2011, not long after the game first came out, with the goal of giving all Minecraft fans servers that were both good and affordable. Since then, the company has grown a lot and now has servers for games like Rust, CS:GO, Conan Exiles, and many more. Still, Minecraft is MCProHosting’s main source of income to this day. 

8.Anvilnode Offers Good Minecraft Hosting 

Anvilnode might not be as well-known as some of the other companies on this list, but that’s no reason to ignore it. The provider’s hardware is very up-to-date, so it works well, and its prices aren’t too bad either. The company only makes Minecraft servers, and those who want to take things to the next level can even get managed dedicated hosting. ServerMiner has great Minecraft hosting plans for a low price. 

9.ServerMiner is another hosting service that focuses on Minecraft servers and nothing else.

The business was started in 2012, and its philosophy is very simple. ServerMiner’s motto says, “Always here to help, even though you’ll probably be fine because our servers are so good.” The company’s faith in its services is admirable, and it seems to be well-founded based on the overwhelmingly positive user reviews on Trustpilot and other sites. 

10.Nitrous Networks is a dependable game hosting service with great customer service. 

Nitrous started out as a one-person business in 2010. However, it quickly grew to include game servers, voice servers, VPS, and more. The company has servers for more than two dozen popular games, and it is always adding more games to its list. You can find servers for both the Java and Pocket editions of Minecraft here, among other games. 

10 Best Minecraft Server Host Company: Conclusion 

When Minecraft first came out in 2011, a lot of people thought it was just a trend that wouldn’t last. But almost a full decade later, the game is still going strong. If you were thinking about trying it, now is the best time to do so because hosting services for Minecraft are better and cheaper than ever. You could host your own server on your own computer, but why would you do that when a team of experts will do it for you for just a few dollars a month? 

As for which hosting provider you should choose, we think that all of the ones we’ve talked about in this article are good choices.

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