10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting In USA 

This article outlines the 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting.

Here are lists of the 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting.

1. Monovm 

MonoVM has made it to the first spot on our list of the best-dedicated servers. Powered by the latest generation Supermicro motherboards and Intel CPUs, MonoVM offers improved power, efficiency, and dependability. MonoVM server is safely hosted by state-of-the-art data centers, available in 10+ locations globally. You can choose the site you deem suitable for your data center. 

With 99.99 percent uptime, the dedicated server provider offers you complete administrator access – and root access as well – through its dedicated Windows and Linux servers. The nicest part about MonoVM is that it consists of fantastic help channels with fast response times of 15 minutes. Thus, everytime you leave some query, you get a rapid, relevant response. 

2. InMotion Hosting Dedicated Server 

InMotion has its dedicated server hosting, providing both managed and unmanaged servers. They ensure high website uptime with sophisticated routing technologies. Apart from that, InMotion offers SSD storage for speedier load times. 

InMotion features 6 different managed server configuration packages that deliver best-in-class technology powered by the Intel Xeon processor, supporting a 1TB SSD hard drive, containing 16GB RAM, and ultimately, delivering 6TB of data transfer.

3. A2 Hosting – Dedicated Server Hosting 

A2 Hosting has 3 dedicated server hosting options on offer. They have both managed and unmanaged servers and a third plan termed Core. 

A2 Hosting features powerful dedicated server components, such as OPcache and APC that can speed up the PHP processing of your website up to 50 percent . Aside from that, the dedicated server is powered through Memcached, which holds the important MySQL data in RAM for a speedier retrieval process. 

4. Hosting IONOS Dedicated 

IONOS dedicated hosting is a budget-friendly choice. IONOS’ dedicated server hosting options start at $45 per month for the first six months. 

5.Bluehost dedicated server 

Bluehost is a well-known web host. The basic dedicated server plan costs $79.99 per month. 

6.HostGator dedicated server 

Businesses know HostGator. The company’s server hosting plans offer many features, however the price increases dramatically after the introductory time. 

7. Dedicated InterServer 

InterServer has cheap dedicated server plans. All servers load in 520 ms, and uptime is 99.9%. 

InterServer offers both Windows and Linux plans, but Windows plans are more expensive. You can pick from cPanel, Plesk, WHM, and DirectAdmin. The control panels cost extra. 


Hostwind is a cheaper alternative to GoDaddy. You can customize Hostwinds’ plans to meet your needs. 

Hostwinds’ base package includes 3.5GHz processors with 4 CPU cores and 8GB RAM. You also get 1TB of disk space and 8 IP addresses. 


In-built control panels and 24/7 monitoring are included in DreamHost dedicated server hosting. Basic plan has 4 cores and 4 GB RAM. 1TB of storage and limitless bandwidth are also included. 

10.GoDaddy dedicated server 

 GoDaddy, the hosting giant, has EU, Asia, and US data centers. So you always have decent coverage.

10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting: Conclusion 

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