000webhosting Review USA 

This article covers all you need to know about 000webhosting.

000webhost offers a basic plan that’s completely free and promises it will always remain that way. No payments information need to be given; however if you want to upgrade, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, or PayPal payment options may be used as options for upgrade options.

Since many free hosting packages include add-ons that are relatively affordable, it shouldn’t come as a shock that some extra features and upgrades don’t cost more than going with more costly web hosts that already included these features as part of their standard offering.

Cancellation and Money Back 

You will need to access your dashboard, click “Deactivate Account,” and tell us why you want to cancel. If you are canceling a paid plan, typically all money should be back within seven days; however, when I cancelled mine I needed to contact customer service for confirmation.

Overall, 000webhost has fair refund and cancellation policies comparable to industry norms. Although I received an attempt at selling me a VPS package by 000webhost, it’s understandable they want to retain their customers as paying customers.

Subdomains for free 

In most cases, it’s preferable to register and point your own domain name directly to 000webhost server. However, you could always host your site at [YOURNAME].000webhostapp.com using free subdomains as an alternative option.

Easy to Change 

If you need more server space or resources, 000webhost makes it easy to upgrade your hosting package. The switch is quick, easy, and smooth, and upgrading gives you access to more benefits, like live support. 

How to Host a Website for 000webhosting 

One of the great things about 000webhost is how easy it is to set up and launch an account. No waiting around for an account to be configured before installing CMSes or visual web builders!

At first, our proprietary admin panel may seem complex; but once you figure it out, everything becomes easier than expected.

000webhosting: Conclusion

000webhost is an affordable hosting option that’s great for beginners; however, as soon as extra features are added it can quickly become costly. Therefore, 000webhost may serve best as your initial host service before considering alternatives if your website becomes large enough to warrant switching providers.

Even paid plans may not meet the needs of professional businesses, so if your website is mission-critical you may need to look elsewhere. But if all you need is an affordable host with great specs and easy setup then perhaps your search can come to an end here.

Make sure you understand all of the implications before opting for a paid plan.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post on 000webhosting.